Welcome to the unofficial website of the Museum for the History of Science and Technology in Islam (Islam Bilim ve Teknoloji Tarihi Müzesi, IBTTM). The museum was officially opened in a celebration on May 24, 2008.

This website is being developed by a group of friends of the Museum. We are connected to Islamic culture by our education, our jobs, or just by feelings of sympathy, and we contribute to this website in different ways. It is not our intention to relieve the Turkish authorities of the responsibility of developing an official website.

The museum (and this website) could not have been realized without the essential contribution of many anonymous people, who have donated their time and energies. We would like to express our appreciation and thanks to these wonderful people.

The friends of the Museum:

Ines Balcik, Florstadt, Germany
Marloes Cornelissen, Utrecht, Netherlands
Wilfred de Graaf, Zeist, Netherlands
Dr. Rob van Gent, Utrecht, Netherlands
Dr. Dilek Güldütuna, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Priv.Doz. Dr. Sükrettin Güldütuna, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Dr. Jan P. Hogendijk, Utrecht, Netherlands
Eric van Lit, Montreal, Canada
Dr. Detlev Quintern, Bremen, Germany
Prof. S.R. Sarma and and Dr. Renate Sarma, Düsseldorf, Germany
Hüseyin Şen, Haarlem, Netherlands
Dr. Ursula Sezgin, Kronberg, Germany
Eline Spauwen, Utrecht, Netherlands
Güliz Turan, Istanbul, Turkey

The responsibility for the contents of the website is with Dr. Jan P. Hogendijk.

Fotos: Umut Özdemir, Ankara, und Ersoy Köse, IBTTM Istanbul


Friends of the Museum
Institute for the History of Arabic-Islamic Science
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